Student blogs on volunteering in Salamanca


difuminar volunterring in a local literacy foundation          volunteering in a local school     Halloween English reading activities reading for young children                                            Teaching a small group in a public school                        

For those who seek to learn about and contribute to the host community through participation in volunteer activities, we  presently offer collaboration with the public educational institutions, community-based and national NGOs and a private cultural organization.  


Schedule explanation:

**Morning activities: between 9 am - 2pm. Not compatible with ILP schedule

**Afternoon activities: between 5 pm and 8 pm.




Salamanca Public School System (elementary and secondary schools)

What: teaching and classroom support in English classes in public primary and high schools

Minimum time commitment 2 hours/week. Day and time adaptable to student’s class schedule. Mornings only


Escuela Oficial de Idiomas (EOI)


Background: Escuelas Oficiales de Idiomas are public language schools for adults all throughout Spain. Since most university majors do not include language instruction, many university students also attend these schools. The EOI are state-run, so tuition is minimal (approx. 130 – 160 euros/year for classes that meet twice a week).

What: Classroom support in English classes for adult learners

Time commitment: Either occasional sessions or a weekly commitment. Morning and afternoon available


Un Punto Curioso (Story-centered activities for pre-school children)


(see the section “Leemos en Inglés”)


Background: Un Punto Curioso organizes activities and workshops to promote reading, creativity and language learning among pre-schoolers. This organization forms part of the platform Cultura en Red, an initiative of the city government to promote cultural activities in private spaces.


What: Participate in 1 - 2 hours of activities centered around English-language children’s books


Time commitment: Either occasional sessions or weekly commitment. Wednesdays: 6 – 7pm (if you only want to participate with the children) or 5 – 7 pm (if you want to  help prep the activity as well)





What: different activities working with the handicapped population or educating school children about Paralympic sports

Morning activities: Sports activity sessions in public schools to introduce school-age children to Paralympic sports.

Minimum time commitment, mornings:  A minimum of 2 sessions in schools. Mornings only

Spanish level:  intermediate and above

*If none of these groups fit your interests, a good way to start looking for organizations that may be a better match is ithrough the Universidad de Salamanca's office Servicio de Asuntos Sociales, which has agreements with different non-profit organizations. Click here for a list of organizations.