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  • Direct Matriculation Program (PEI)

    Direct Matriculation students in Salamanca register into a minimum of 5 regular university courses in our two partner universities. In the spirit of complete immersion in Spanish university life, students complete the same coursework and follow the same academic calendar as Spanish and European classmates. Georgetown established its direct matriculation program in Salamanca in 1998.


    • Universidad de Salamanca.

                Founded in 1218, the Universidad de Salamanca is the oldest university in Spain, and the fourth-oldest university in Europe. It currently enrols close to 30,000 students, including many “Erasmus”-- inter-European exchange-- students.

    • Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca.

    The Universidad Pontificia is a private Jesuit university founded in 1940 in order to provide the opportunity to study Theology (eliminated in the Universidad de Salamanca in 1852). Today it enrols over 6,000 students in a wide variety of disciplines.

    Academic Quick Links:

    Classes in the facultades of the Universidad de Salamanca

    Click on the facultad you are interested in and then on the “Guía del centro” for Licenciatura classes or “Grado” for Grado classes.

    Course Bulletins, Universidad Pontifica de Salamanca. Click on the facultad you are interested in under Grados y Licenciaturas. Many students are interested in Teología classes, given in the Licenciatura de Estudios Eclesiásticos. 

  • Intensive Language Program (ILP)



    As an ILP student, you will register into Language and Culture classes at the Universidad de Salamanca’sCursos Internacionales, where you will take classes with other foreign students from all over the world. The language of instruction is Spanish.

    Your language classes will never have more than 15 students, and culture and elective classes have a maximum of 20 students. In Salamanca, unlike on the Georgetown campus, you will complete most of your school work during class-time.

    The ILP program is a semester program and consists of two parts:

    1. 1a month-long pre-session (3 hours of class/day)
    2. 2a trimester session (5 hours of class/day)


    Fall Semester: beginning of September through mid-December

    Spring semester: end of February through mid-June


    Your placement into language classes will be determined by two on-site placement tests administered by Cursos Internacionales: one before the pre-session and another before the trimester session. The second placement test gives you the opportunity to re-test after a month’s immersion in classes and daily life in Spain.


    At the end of the pre-session and trimester, you will receive a Certificate containing course names, number of hours and Spanish grades (scale of 0 – 10). Only trimester grades are reflected on your transcript. Successful completion of the ILP program earns 17 credits.

    Transcripts, sent directly to OIP at Georgetown, contain both Spanish and US Grades. You can request transcripts for yourself from Cursos Internacionales.

    Quick Links: 

    Program Structure at a Glance 

    Trimester electives

    Program Structure at a Glance

    Trimester electives (Intermediate and above)

    Cursos Internacionales

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