The structure of our Salamanca programs is briefly outlined below.

Spanish is the language of instruction in all classes. 



 Direct Matriculation Program

Full Year/ Fall Semester/Spring Semester

Language pre-requisites: Completion of Advanced Spanish II

Orientation Language Classes, Fall: 10 days of Intensive Spanish (possibility of earning 1 credit).

Orientation Language and Culture Classes, Spring: 4 days of Spanish Conversation and Current Spain classes.

Academics: Students can satisfy the 15-credit course load in one of the following two ways:

1) 5 regular university classes (minimum of 27 ECTS) OR

2) 4 regular university classes (minimum of 21 ECTS) + one content class for foreigners (language of instruction: Spanish)

Regular University Classes:

These clases can be taken at one or both of the local host universities:

Content Classes for Foreigners:

One content class can be selected from the following (IES OR Cursos Internacionales classes):  

**IES-Salamanca: Selected “Area Studies” classes

Syllabi (Fall 2016): Cross Cultural Psychology (syllabus available mid-June); Regionalism in Spain: Political Union and Cultural Intersections; Literature and Cinema in Contemporary Spain; Reading the City: Literature and Art in Salamanca; Paths of the Sacred: Pilgrimage in Religious Traditions and its Evolution in Europe)

**Cursos Internacionales at the Universidad de Salamanca: Selected “Programa Modular” classes.

Fall: Spanish Art (Prehistoric-Renaissance); Spanish and Spanish American Cinema; The Arab World in Spain; Spain through its Music; Spanish History (Origins – 19th Century); Women in Spanish History; Spanish Literature

Spring: Spanish Art (Baroque – Present-day); Cinema, Press and Television in Spain; The Arab World in Spain; History of Spain (20th Century - Present-day); Women in Spanish History; Spanish American Literature.

For syllabi, see ”Programa Modular” link below

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Intensive Language Program (ILP)

Fall Semester/Spring Semester

Language pre-requisites: None

Academics: ILP students take Spanish language and culture courses with other foreign students through Cursos Internacionales at the Universidad de Salamanca. The program consists of a month-long Pre-Session (15 class hours/week), and a Trimester Session (25 class hours/week)

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Health Care Program

     Fall Semester

Language Pre-requisites: Completion of Intermediate Spanish II or above

Other pre-requisites: an established health sciences or medical background in coursework demonstrated on transcript

I. Health Care Track-ILP (students have completed Intermediate Spanish II or Advanced Spanish I or equivalent)

Students study with other foreign students through Cursos Internacionales at the Universidad de Salamanca. After the month-long Pre-session (15 class hours/week), in the Trimester (25 class hours/week), students take Spanish Language and Culture classes in combination with 1 or 2 classes specific to health care.

Class distribution according to Spanish level:

1) Students who have completed Intermediate Spanish II or equivalent: "Intensive Spanish" + two elective Spanish Language and Culture classes + "Medical Spanish"

2) Students who have completed Advanced Spanish I or equivalent: "Intensive Spanish" + 1 Spanish Culture + “Comparative Health Care Systems” + "Medical Spanish" OR “Health Communication” (links to syllabi below)

II. Health Care Track- Direct Matriculation Students (students have completed Advanced Spanish II or equivalent):

  • "Intensive Spanish” (2 weeks in orientation period; possibility of earning 1 credit)
  • Two health care classes: "Comparative Health Care Systems" + “Medical Spanish” OR “Health Communication” (link to syllabi below)
  •  3 direct enrollment classes in the Universidad de Salamanca and the Universidad Pontificia (students may choose from classes in both universities)

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Security and Health

In order to facilitate your immersion and knowledge of Spain and its cultures, the program programs a number of activities outside of the classroom .

A student talks about her extracurricular activities


Some activities organized and sponsored by GU-Salamanca



Off to the North of Spain. 


You will get to know some traditional destinations and some that are more off-the beaten track. Some excursion destinations in past years have included: Ávila, Segovia, Toledo, Madrid, Andalusia, Extremadura, Portugal, Ribera del Duero wine country, the Campo Charro and nearby mountain hiking. Click here for more information on excursions.



Playing "pádel" (a Spanish sport)

Local Program Activities.

Program activities in Salamanca typically include such events as group meals with our Spanish mentors, city tours, films, concerts, plays, cooking classes, and sports events.


A student volunteers in a local school

Community Service

The program works with students to help them find community service opportunities that suit their interests.For those students interested in teaching, our program partners with the local Board of Education to place students in local public schools. Click here for more information on volunteer activities