The structure of our Salamanca programs is briefly outlined below.

Spanish is the language of instruction in all classes. 




Direct Matriculation Program

Full Year/ Fall Semester/Spring Semester

Language pre-requisites: Completion of Advanced Spanish II
Orientation Language and Culture Classes: 4 days of Spanish Conversation and Current Spain classes.

Academics: Students can satisfy the 15-credit course load in one of the following two ways:

-->5 regular university classes (minimum of 25 ECTS) OR
-->4 regular university classes (minimum of 19 ECTS) + one content class for foreigners (6 ECTS; language of instruction: Spanish) 
Regular University Classes:
At one or both of the local host universities:
Universidad de Salamanca (public, non-denominational)
Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca (private, Catholic)
Content Classes for Foreigners (for syllabi, see "More class information links" below):
Select one class from "IES-Salamanca" or "Cursos Internacionales":
• IES-Salamanca: Selected “Area Studies” classes

Fall 2018: Cross Cultural Psychology; Regionalism in Spain: Political Union and Cultural Intersections; Literature and Cinema in Contemporary Spain; Reading the City: Literature and Art in Salamanca; Paths of the Sacred: Pilgrimage in Religious Traditions and its Evolution in Europe

More class information links:

o Guide to Finding Classes in Host Universities  (updated every year in August)

Intensive Language Program (ILP)

Fall Semester/Spring Semester

Language pre-requisites: None
Academics: ILP students take Spanish language and culture courses with other foreign students through Cursos Internacionales at the Universidad de Salamanca. The program consists of a month-long Pre-Session (15 class hours/week), and a Trimester Session (25 class hours/week)
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Health Care Program

Fall Semester

Language Pre-requisites: Completion of Intermediate Spanish II or above

Other pre-requisites: an established health sciences or medical background in coursework demonstrated on transcript

I. Health Care Track-ILP (students have completed Intermediate Spanish II or Advanced Spanish I or equivalent)

  • Pre-session: 15 class hours/week of intensive Spanish with other foreign students through Cursos Internacionales at the Universidad de Salamanca
  • Trimester: 25 class hours/week of Spanish Language and Culture classes in combination with 1 or 2 classes specific to health care

Class distribution according to Spanish level:

-->Students who have completed through Intermediate Spanish II: "Intensive Spanish" + 2 elective Spanish Language and Culture classes + "Medical Spanish"
-->Students who have completed through Advanced Spanish I: "Intensive Spanish" + 1 Spanish Culture class + “Comparative Health Care Systems” + "Medical Spanish" OR “Health Communication”

II. Healthcare Track- Direct Matriculation Students (students have completed Advanced Spanish II or equivalent)

• "Intensive Spanish” (2 weeks in orientation period; possibility of earning 1 credit)
• 2 Healthcare classes: "Comparative Healthcare Systems" +  “Health Communication” 
• 3 direct enrollment classes in the Universidad de Salamanca and the Universidad Pontificia (students may choose from classes in both universities

More Information links:

o Guide to Finding Classes in Host Universities ( for Direct Matriculation classes; updated every year in August)