What is the basic difference between the two cards I received in orientation at Georgetown?

CISI is your Georgetown accident and sickness insurance. This is the contact you will use in MOST cases. The insurance also covers emergency medical evacuation.

International SOS is not insurance. It provides emergency medical as well as non-medical evacuation, e.g. evacuation due to natural disaster or political unrest.

What medical expenses does my CISI insurance policy cover? Is there a deductible or coverage limit?

Click here for detailed information on coverage of your study abroad policy as well as a medical claim form.

Note that many expenses, such as hospitalization and surgery do NOT have a deductible and will cover you up to $500,000.  Other expenses, such as injury to teeth or nervous or mental disorders, have a lower coverage limit.  Outpatient prescription medication is covered at 50%.

Additional services provided by CISI include emergency evacuation and a medical advice line in English. In the event of hospitalization, CISI provides consultations with English-speaking doctors who can monitor your treatment.

How do I get my medical treatment covered by CISI?

In case of illness, you should call the numbers listed on the back of your card. You will need to provide the information (Policy number, etc.) listed on the front of your card.

Can I just hand my CISI insurance card to a doctor to be covered?

Doctors in Europe do not usually accept US health insurance cards. You will probably need to pay the doctor expenses up front and get reimbursed later. If you cannot pay up front, then CISI will work with your health care provider to come up with a payment arrangement. 

When you pay your health care provider, ask for receipts for the visit and afterwards, file a claim form for reimbursement. Save your receipts and prescriptions for prescribed medications as well.

Is there an English-speaking therapist available to me in Salamanca?

Yes. Since this psychologist has been pre-approved by CISI insurance, you will not have to make up front payments.

How do I make an appointment with the therapist and get my visits covered by CISI insurance?

Simply get in touch with the psychologist in order to make an appointment, making sure to let him know you are a Georgetown student (if you get in touch by email, please include this information in the subject line). When you go for your appointment, simply present your CISI insurance card along with another form of identification and CISI will be directly billed. You will receive the psychologist's contact information on-site. 

What about in an emergency?

In case of an emergency or need for major medical services, you must call the 24-hour CISI number for pre-approved treatment

In case of a serious emergency, do not stop to get in touch with CISI. Get attention immediately, and CISI will later coordinate care and payment with local medical facilities! However, it is important to contact CISI as soon as possible thereafter.Your Program Director can help you with this. 

CISI contact information

CISI 24-hour contact number (collect calls from outside US accepted): +1 312 935 1703

Your CISI Protection Plan Policy Number: GLM N06566066

CISI email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Will CISI pay for my mom or dad to come visit me if I am in the hospital?

If a doctor certifies that you will need to be hospitalized for a minimum of 6 days, under the “Emergency Medical Reunion” benefit, CISI will cover the cost of economy-class transportation and daily expenses of a person from your home country selected by you. All travel and expenditures must be pre-approved by the company.

If an immediate family member dies while you are abroad and you need financial assistance in order to return home for a brief period, Georgetown University may have some available funds. As a first step, please contact your program director if you need this expense to be covered.

What services does International SOS provide to me?

Georgetown partners withInternational SOS (ISOS), an industry leader in managing international health and security emergencies, to provide University travelers with emergency medical, natural disaster, and political evacuation and repatriation services.  ISOS serves as a resource for country-specific travel information, security and medical risk assessments, visa requirements, and vaccination requirements.  ISOS is also a resource for students who may need help in deciding whether to seek medical attention and where to find medical resources that meet a Western standard.  ISOS services include:

  • ISOS 24-hour toll-free telephone access to assistance for locating appropriate medical care; Regional Medical Advisors provide consultative and advisory services, including review and analysis of medical care received by the student. Call collect/direct+1.215.942.8478(Scholastic Members),+1-215-942-8226(Philadelphia),+44-20-8762-8008(London),+65-6338-7800(Singapore).
  • Personal Travel Locator
  • Legal referral assistance
  • Translation services
  • General Medical Advice
  • Assistance in locating appropriate medical personnel (i.e. English-speaking physicians)
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Emergency Evacuation due to Political Unrest or Natural Disaster

What are some of the advantages of my Georgetown coverage as opposed to my medical coverage by the University of Salamanca and vice versa?

Your USAL coverage entitles you to medical attention and hospitalization at certain centers in Salamanca and Spain. It is easy to use, with no pre-approval or forms to fill out. On the other hand, CISI may give you the option of going to other doctors or hospitals in Spain not included in the Usal plan. Some services provided by CISI and ISOS, such as partial reimbursement of prescribed medicines, medical advice in English, translation and evacuation are not provided by your Usal plan.

VERY IMPORTANT:  Please take all your cards with you when you travel!  

If I lose my cards, how can I get replacement cards?

Download and print replacements cards on the following links:




OGE´s general information about your overseas health insurance coverage. Includes link to policy and claim forms

Services covered by ISOS