Preliminary Housing Information, Salamanca




Living situation:  You will be living in a single room in the apartment of a Spanish family. Another foreign student may also be living in the apartment, although you will never be asked to share a bedroom and any other foreign students must be non-English speaking. Your room will include, as a minimum: a desk, a bed and a closet. You are provided with keys to the apartment. Bed linens are also included and will be washed for you by the family. Some families provide towels for students, but this is not a requirement. All meals are supplied, with the option for bag lunches or dinners should you not be able to return home for a meal. All family homes have internet.

Selection of families: The families have been selected by the office of Cursos Internacionales at the Universidad de Salamanca and screened by the Director of the Georgetown program. Every effort is made to respect student preferences indicated on family housing applications, especially those conditions indicated as priorities. The program strives to house GU-Salamanca students with families who have gotten consistently good evaluations from previous GU students. A family may consist of one individual, a couple living alone or parent/s and child/ren of any age  (sometimes live-in “children” may be in their 30s). If you put a premium on speaking with and spending time with family members, do not assume that your best option will be to live with sons or daughters of your own age; in the experience of our students, oftentimes young people are already busy with their own activities and friends, and it is the host mother and/or father who will spend the most time with our students.

Price: The 2018-19 price is 24 €/day (720 € for a 30-day month). This daily rate will be charged whether or not the student is travelling. Reduced daily rates are available only during the Universidad de Salamanca Christmas or Spring Break dates for a student who is absent from  a homestay for 5 or more consecutive nights. If done by the family, laundry and ironing service costs 14.50 € for two Spanish-sized wash loads (smaller than US—a standard washer holds 5 kilos, or ll lbs of clothing). Students may also choose to bring their laundry to a “lavandería” service.

Payment: Once assigned a family, students will be responsible for housing payments to Cursos Internacionales, on a month by month basis. Payment may be made by credit/debit card or in cash. Checks are not accepted. The exchange rate is not determined by Cursos Internacionales, but by US banks and credit cards. Students are responsible for researching charges and fees associated with their cards. 

 Change of families:  Should change of family be necessary, Cursos Internacionales will facilitate the name of another family to the Director. Since the student is on-site s/he should visit this family before deciding to move in with them. GU-Salamanca requires students to give families a one-week notice of intent to move.

Georgetown University follows the host family accomodation terms laid out by Cursos Internacionales at the Universidad de Salamanca


Note:  The majority of dorm residents will usually be freshmen or sophomores.

A. Dorm room with kitchen rights in the Residencia "Colegio de Cuenca" (Universidad de Salamanca)

Living situation: Most students choose to live in an individual room with private bathroom and shared kitchenette in the Residencia Universitaria Colegio de Cuenca (associated with the Universidad de Salamanca), in the undergraduate wing. Students can also opt to live in the graduate wing, in individual studios, which is more expensive, but quieter (students sensitive to noise are not advised to live in the undergraduate wing, unless they request to be on a special “quiet hall). The dorm has internet service, laundry facilities and some common areas. The Spanish students who live in this dorm are primarily freshmen.  This dorm is the only possibility available for students who want to cook their own food. Note that the kitchenettes are basic, and do not have an oven.  

Prices, room rental: 

  • Individual Study with Kitchen (approx. 107 square ft total): 357.50€/month
  • Individual Study with Shared Kitchen (approx. 129 square ft, bedroom) : 493€/month
  • Superior Individual Study with Kitchen (grad wing; approx. 161 square ft. total): 548€/month
  • Prices and room details

Other expenses (charged with monthly room rental):

  • Monthly water price: 17€/month. Fixed price, not dependent on actual usage.
  • Electricity: 40€/month. Adjusted for usage at the end of your stay. If you share a kitchen, the usage will be divided among the two people who share. There is no way to separate out kitchen use. Note that room heat is electric.

Deposit (paid as part of the on-line application):

  • 700€ (2017-2018 price; to be updated in April 2018)
  • Refunded at the end of your stay to the credit card you paid with. Any damages you cause to the room/dorm will be deducted from this deposit. The deposit cannot be used to pay your last month’s rent. Should you choose to leave the dorm housing, you will forfeit the whole deposit.

For a complete list of services provided by the dorm, please see its website (below).

Payment: Students will be responsible for housing payments to the dorm management, with payment due at the beginning of every month. Payment may be made by credit/debit card or by bank transfer. Checks and cash are not accepted. The exchange rate and credit limit is not determined by the Colegio de Cuenca, but by US banks and credit cards. Students are responsible for researching charges and fees associated with their cards. 

"Colegio de Cuenca" dorm website 

Location of the dormThe Residencia “Colegio de Cuenca” is close to the “Campus Nuevo,” which includes the Facultad de Derecho (Law and Political Sciences) and the Facultad de Filosofía, Económicas y Sociología (FES). The Campus Nuevo is about a 20 minute walk from the Plaza Mayor.

Dining Hall: If you do not want to cook every day, you can buy meal tickets and eat at a nearby dorm with a dining hall, the Colegio Mayor de Oviedo:   

  • Sample menus (to the left, click on “menús semanales”)
  • Meal prices (you can pay for meals individually or buy coupons for 7 or 32 meals)

 Application process: Online application, completed before May 15th for Fall students and before November 25th for Spring students. Contact your overseas advisor for more information.

 B. Dorm room with meal plans, through Cursos Internacionales (Universidad de Salamanca).

Living situation. Cursos Internacionales places students in Universidad de Salamanca dorms or in centrally-located private dorms with meal plans. Georgetown students can only be housed in individual rooms. Students can specify location and type of dorm, but should keep in mind that availability is limited for semester students (as opposed to year students), and that flexibility is key.



  • 32,50€/day (full room and board; 975€ for a 30-day month)


Made to Cursos Internacionales at the Universidad de Salamanca.

Cursos Internacionales policies for dorm placement


 This option is offered exclusively to full-year students in their second semester in Salamanca. If you are a full-year student and think you might like to find yourself a shared apartment in your second semester, please let the Resident Director know from the very beginning of your stay.  If you move out of your GU-assigned housing and into a shared apartment, you must sign an independent housing agreement accepting full responsibility for your own housing.