What are tutorials?

Tutorials are private classes intended to help you in courses for which you would like extra support. Their purpose is to help you keep up to date in your classes. They are NOT intended to help you “cram” right before the final exam! You can do tutorials individually or with other Georgetown students who are registered in the same class.

Who gives the tutorials?

There are various options: a Spanish classmate, a graduate student recommended by your professor, or a tutor from previous years.

The most common option is to do tutorials with a Spanish classmate. A Spanish classmate has the advantage of being present with you in the same lectures and of being able help you fill in your class notes. He or she can orient you in on how things are done in that facultad or explain words the professor may have said too rapidly for you to catch.

Another possibility is to ask for students recommended by your professor. These are usually graduate students your professor has worked with, and in many cases, they have taken the same undergraduate classes you are now taking. Although they are not present in class, they know the professor well and have much more in-depth knowledge of the subject matter than an undergraduate student.

In some cases, your program director may be able to steer you towards tutors from previous years who have given tutorials in that subject. However, since there is a great turnover every year as students graduate and move on, this is not always possible.

Who finds my tutors?

Normally, YOU do! If you want someone from your class, your first step is to identify Spanish classmates who attend class regularly and who have a good mastery of the class material. Approaching them may seem intimidating at first, but most Spanish students will react positively to your interest. They may even offer to pass you class notes on an informal basis, if you prefer (Spanish students often help each other out by sharing notes). To make this conversation easier, you can print out the explanation of our tutorial program written for Spanish peer tutors in the “Downloads” section” and give it to the student you would like to do tutorials with.

If you want your professor to recommend a tutor, you can simply talk to him/her in office hours. If the professor knows a student who can help you s/he will usually talk to that student and then get back to you. Do not be afraid to remind your professors; they are busy people and your tutorial may slip their mind, but most professors are interested in helping you.

How many classes can I get tutorials in?

As many as you wish! Georgetown will pay up to 17 hours of tutorials per class (and no more than 3 hours/week). Should you want to go beyond this number of hours, you must get permission from the director.

What do I do after I identify a tutor?

Pass their name, email and telephone number on to the Director of the program and she will contact the tutors to formalize the agreement. She will send you an email to let you know when everything is in place, and you can start.

What is the latest date I can start?

Georgetown will pay for your tutorials ONLY if you start them by the eighth week of class.

How do I keep track of the hours so that my tutor can get paid at the end of the semester?

Print out the “Formulario de horas” in “Downloads,” fill out your portion of it and hand it to your tutor. Every time you meet with him/her, you must fill in how much time you did and then initial it. Your tutor will bring it by the office at the end of the semester.